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Dhanush kumar is the Managing Director of the DK Group and serves on its board of directors. He started the company at the age of 18 years, while he is studying his bachelor’s in Business Administration in St Mary's college. At DK, he oversees the end-to-end management of the company, products, sales activites, and also oversees the development of DK | PATRON. 

" It's my dream to start the DK Group, which took almost 4 years for me to establish a proper foundation for my company. DK is not just a company or group of companies but also the legacy carrier of my grandfather(s) , Dasari Narayana Rao and Murukonda Keshava Rao. Being part of this family is fortune but at the same time a lot of responsibilities to be carried all the time. I want to make DK a brand and status symbol for everyone. "


Dhanush Kumar

Managing Director

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